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Jee Papeterie

The name is “Jee”. The game is “Papeterie”, which is the French word for “stationery”.

Jee Papeterie, LLC’s studio is located in Paris, Arkansas.

Are you a paper nerd

who gleefully checks out the aisles of glorious shelves after shelves of paper reams, calendars, note pads, binders, and pens at an office supply store? Are you more excited than your children are while shopping for school supplies? Is your planner/journal your must-have sidekick? Is it a thrilling sensation when you crack open a hardcover book and take a satisfying whiff of the freshly-printed pages? I confess all these describes me. It feels like being in paper heaven! So it is no wonder that for over 20 years, I have been enjoying the use of office supplies alongside my roles in office administration, planning, processing, documenting, and organizing. This is what I love, and this is what I do.

In addition to being an office-paper nerd, I also have a flair for paper-crafting. If you happen to spot me in a craft store, you will find me with a stack of designer papers in my shopping cart along with a new paper crafting gadget or tool.

As much as I appreciate the efficiency of emails and convenience of sharing photos on social media, there are concepts and inspirations that only paper and pen can produce:

  • The tangibility of the paper, its texture, and the raised surface of the ink (or indentation caused by the nib)

  • Witnessing as your thoughts bleed in the form of ink from the barrel of the pen and onto the paper

  • Turning the pages of your father’s aged notebook and admiring the uniqueness of his handwriting that reflects his personality. Oh, how stationery encapsulates these things!

I enjoy the process of mapping out my business plans on paper, scribbling out old ideas, and triple-underlining a new keyword that speaks out to me. I find it beneficial to decompress at the end of the day by recording my thoughts and reflecting back. Sometimes my writing is rushed and messy, just like my day. And other days, my writing is done meditatively with a brush nib. The use of stationery is a part of life, whether used for business or leisure.

If you can relate somehow, subscribe to my newsletter and come join me on this journey whether you are an office-paper nerd, a paper crafter, or a hybrid of the two. High-five to all you fabulous, paper-loving nerds out there!